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admin base 2010
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Hi, finally i finished my new fort.
I think its much nicer to play, cause its not so laggy.

watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0kVlL8lnns

Features: - a really high building
- 7 rooms
- the main rooms are connected with
a pipe system
- two elevators
- workinkg vending machine
- panic room
- an automatic door
- everything is built with wiremod and
works very precisely
- a controll station for every door and

REQUIREMENTS: PHX and the newest SVN version of wiremod ( maybe not the newest but its better to have the svn version)

if you got problems with the tower, but you got all the required stuff you can play the save file

instruction is in the description

have fun

email: comments92@web.de


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