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Ghillie and Tf2 backgrounds
Size: | Date: 24.09.2010, 19:20 | Views: 509 | Uploaded by:

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"Ghillie and Tf2 backgrounds"
Size: "12.57 MB"   Uploaded by: "[В§){HГћГ…ЕЎ}Гђ"

"Oh hai again, made some backgrounds when i was bored last night :D two are ghillie ones and there's 2 not-so-good tf2 ones, but i reckon theyre okay. oh yea, before u ask, scouts meant to have a broken foot lol :D sentry scout was MY creation. Might upload one with a cod4 helicopter crashing into a boat sending headless and legless and burnt bodies everywhere, but only if someone posts a comment saying something like 'PLEASE upload that background!' and they get 5 likes.

To people who made:

Foliage Pack
COD4 Heli models
Modern Warfare npcs
Sorry for any others I may have forgotten

Oh yeah, u can rename the backgrounds background02 or 03, it means it will randomize one of those for u

k thx bai

EDIT: I dont care about the people who are posting noobish comments. This doesnt include the comment about him 'not being and ass' cause next time i will take those things into consideration. BTW our computer sucks so it cant run silent hill, i was gonna make some non-ghillie epic ones. But yea, i'll make a v2. And to sarcasm noob, the heavy isnt leaning against a train. I no the 2nd pic isnt that great, even though i like how the guy is standing. But i reckon the first one is ok. Isn't it?! "


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