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Soviet Background
Size: | Date: 03.10.2010, 11:59 | Views: 346 | Uploaded by:

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"Soviet Background"
Size: "5.92 MB"   Uploaded by: "CoZ|Mike"

"This is my first upload ever. The resolution may be a little off, but you still get the point. Basically, what you see is what you get. and the anthem. if you dont know what dto do with it, ask someone else. i cant be bothered to tell you how. and please, lets not turn this into a political debate. if you like it, then download it. if not, then close the page and forget about it.

EDIT: I noticed that a lot of people liked this. unfortunately, i forgot to mention something EXTREMELY important: all I did was put it together. i take no credit for the actual wallpaper or the music (of course). i found the picture and it was my PC background for a while and said to myself "you know, this would be a cool GMod background" sorry to dissapoint people, but i dont want to get in trouble for "reposting". i quite like coming to this site and dont want to get banned.

tl;dr not my picture. i just put them in GMod background format "


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