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Split/Second Wide Background
Size: | Date: 19.09.2010, 12:29 | Views: 466 | Uploaded by:

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"Split/Second Wide Background"
Size: "15.96 MB"   Uploaded by: "[EZC] Sgt. Jaso"


After seeing some idiots putting bs on this site I thought it'd be nice to get some worth while backgrounds that people put consideration and time into them. This took about an hour or so to get it going. This is my first upload so you don't have to go easy on me, I know how many people can be critics so feel free.

I couldn't find a suitable one picture and I think we all have seen what a lot of others do by just putting an image and then calling it finished. I did a little collage of all the pictures based on the game I could possibly find. Blended in the pictures into one (photoshop gets really handy on that). Extracted the logo, added a radial blur, and then adjusted the perspective so it looks like it's coming at you from the center. Enhanced the colours and I did the best I could to work in the music to go with it. I've been a graphic designer for almost 7 or so years. If you'd like some planetary designs I've created and you want them in Garry's Mod I can do so (for my work on it's own you can check out my deviantART http://jason9811.deviantart.com . If not and it's a majority of people? Then this will be the only release and I'll be back to just commenting haha

Split/Second background: Made by Jason9811 (A.K.A Tyrantnight)

Installation: extract to your C:\(Your main directory)\Steam\steamapps\(your email)\garrysmod\garrysmod

Also includes the theme as well, finally got a place to download the mp3.

Hope you enjoy it!

If you don't like the sound just remove it from your sound\ui folder.

Any problems you might encounter feel free to leave comments, I'll try and get back to it and update the file again.

BlackRock Studio's for making an amazing game and music. A lot of people believe this was Disney who made it but it was actually BRS. Disney distributed the game."


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