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Bugatti Veyron by TheDanishMaster
Size: 2.18 MB | Date: 19.04.2011, 18:03 | Views: 771 | Uploaded by: TheDanishM

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Тэги: drivable car
bugatti veyron 
Here is a drivable Bugatti Veyron which originally was made for my friend's RP map. I will also be using this in my own RP map BizzTown which hopefully will be released one day xD

Pics are from my RP map

This model isn't perfect. Sound is from original jeep and player is not placed correctly in the cabin. Its easy to drift so be careful :D

Ill update this model now and then

Btw.. Many downloads means many more cars to play with :)

EDIT: Dodge Charger '69 General Lee has been released http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=119801


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