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Drivable Land Rover Range Rover 08 by TheDanishMaster
Size: 7.89 MB | Date: 26.04.2011, 16:24 | Views: 397 | Uploaded by: ^2Tr0p!c_^8ImPr

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Тэги: drivable vehicle
rp vumod 
I made this car as a gift for the people who helped me get 200+ subs on youtube :D thx for that

Now... bad news is that the interior is not so pretty. Source couldn't handle this car with the HQ interior. So its crappy looking. BUT 2 new features


No poop! Though it requires VU-Mod (2.6) which can be found here on gmod.org

Never tested the seats but they seemed to be ok :)

Have fun and remember more downloads means more cars :D subs for more bizztown (btw preview coming this or next week :D)


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