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Mercedes C32 AMG by TheDanishMaster
Size: 2.75 MB | Date: 19.04.2011, 17:50 | Views: 594 | Uploaded by: TheDanishM

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Тэги: drivable mercedes
vehicle rp 
Ok so I'm back with a new car. The Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG. This car does have a couple of skins to choose from so I recommend using a Skin tool

It has 5 different colors including a speciel skin I did for a friend with his name on. (He is the official BizzTown DJ)

The skins kinda messed up so theyre in random order like 0,3,7,8,11 (not correct but just an example)
Skin 11 is the speciel one :D

BTW... More downloads means more cars aaaand.. Please also subscribe to my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/thedanishmaster1 thx :D


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