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City 8 - District 9
Size: | Date: 12.09.2010, 16:22 | Views: 1266 | Uploaded by:

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"City 8 - District 9"
Size: "85.22 MB"   Uploaded by: "killing floor j"

"One of three new maps in the City-8 release pack, from TacoNBanana.

City 8 is the Combines Citadel based in what used to be Tokyo, Japan. Outside of the city walls are many refugee camps for newly arrived citizens, where they reside until they are processed into the inner-city areas.

The map takes inspiration from typical Half-Life2 canon, and mixes it with the theme of the movie "District9". I begun work on this map on the day D9 was released at the cinema.

Features -
3 Main areas. Combine Nexus and Sectors 1 / 2.
NPC Noded
Strider NPC Noded
Doors scripted for use with Tacoscript1/2
Huge amount of explorable huts and shacks
Custom graffiti and many other props/textures
Citadel moves when "Judgement Waiver" is activated
Hologram Dispatch signs
Interactive Dispatch control interface
Destructable buildings (in some parts)
City Administrators Office (teleport in the Nexus)
Canal/sewege systems
Interactive terminals
Custom Dispatch voice
Useable radio (plays NWA!)

This map and its companions will be live on the TacoNBanana RP servers within the next few days, when the new storyline will begin.


Other maps in the City 8 pack -
City 8 Canals - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=88401
City 8 Central - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=88034a=view&id=87799
City 8 Outlands (In progress)

All mapping, sounds, textures and custom work by Davebrown.

Episode 1 and 2 Content is also included in the BSP, all you need is Counterstrike-Source."


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