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ctf_Outset Island (TF2)
Size: 19.67 MB | Date: 21.04.2011, 08:09 | Views: 683 | Uploaded by: rogerkid1 [ gar

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Update #1 : This map is pretty popular since of the use of it in Machinima and Gmod videos on Youtube and in Garry's Mod poses. So keep up the downloading people.

Upadate #2 : If the Foilage on the Island is lagging a bit then you can disable the foilage by editing some options on the Performance menu in the Q menu. The map should lag less and will work better meaning you can play around with less lag.

This map is for Team Fortress 2 and do not reupload this map anywhere.

This map is based on Outset Island from the Zelda game : Wind Waker and so this map is made for Team Fortress 2 meaning that you need the game Team Fortress 2 because it uses Team Fortress 2 props and textures.

If you don't have Team Fortress 2 and you use the map you are going to get alot of slowdown and black and purple textures and some game crashes.

So get Team Fortress 2 before you even play this map.

So this map is pretty big and it has a swimmable ocean but you can't enter the tower that is in the map because the ladder is broken but it would be good for snipers but bad for other players.

But the only thing is that if you swim out too far you get killed by fish and Leeches.

Edit : 10,000 downloads i didn't expect to get that many... people must really love this map.


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