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RC Car Of Death + Explosive Stool
Size: | Date: 03.09.2010, 19:06 | Views: 262 | Uploaded by:

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"RC Car Of Death + Explosive Stool"
Size: "1.32 MB"   Uploaded by: "☢Buckett83☢"

"This car may look Innocent but it is far from it.

It has a machine gun.

It blows up.

the explosion looks better with the stool.

just use the tool on all the props for a car bomb and better explosive graphics.

I put the Stool in here.


W = Forward
S = Reverse
A = Left
D = Right
7 = Turret
8 = Bomb

Pic 1 is the explosion with the Stool

Pic 2 is the explosion without the Stool

Pic 3 is what you get.

It may be small but it is still Deadly.

500 downloads ill make something better like a RC with an Auto turret.

Put the Car and the Seat in your adv dupe

Put the Stool in the addons.

Get the word out there about me.

Feel free to comment
Bad things Good things.
To let me know what i can do better on or what i should keep the same. hit me up on steam ☢Buckett83☢
check out my other upload

or my sick new RC http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=104850"


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