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GM Bigcity Night
Size: 11.41 MB | Date: 23.08.2011, 08:45 | Views: 1621 | Uploaded by: EJHF.69

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Рейтинг: 3.5(4)

Скачали: 84
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Тэги: big city
night dark 
Hello there!
Here's the map you'v all been waiting for:
A night-time version of GM_Bigcity!

After many hours of me attempting to compile it on dual core.. (13 hours in one compile with no luck!) So I seeked assistance and there Boowman was, he had managed to compile it in 1/10th of the time so creds to him. Griffen also attempted but the compile was getting stuck but even so creds for attempting. I managed to fix a bug with the water, Griffen pointed me in the direction for better lighting!

Hope you enjoy the map from us.

Direct link to my thread:

Please visit the G-Society Fourms for a heads up on my maps, and Boowmans.

Note: Video Coming Soon!


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