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gm_construct 2010 V1.2
Size: | Date: 18.09.2010, 11:44 | Views: 660 | Uploaded by:

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"gm_construct 2010 V1.2"
Size: "1.8 MB"   Uploaded by: "Lapdog"

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"Version 1.2 of my remake of gm_construct.

V1.2 Change log
-Removed lights in dark room (Temporarily)
-By using doors, you are now able to shut off the -big building
-Added: Area portals for enhanced performance on lower-end PC's
-Skybox no-longer requires CS:S

V1.0 Change log
-!NEW! Dock
-!NEW!(Kinda...) The old gmod 9 Gm_construct path down the side of the water
-!NEW! Openable roof in the big building
-Improved CubeMaps
-De-cluttered the skybox
-Improved lighting in spawn building
-Improved lighting in larger building
-Added lights in the dark room (So, now its not a dark room, it's just a room)
-Removed the white and black room (For reduced lag on servers)
-Different skybox texture (The old one was boring)

Installation: Simply extract the .ZIP file into the directory C:\\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\{Your Steam User Name}\garrysmod\garrysmod\maps and your done!

A massive thank you to Garry Newman for making gm_construct and Garry's Mod. And another thank you to valve for making the source engine, and for making every single awesome game that has been released by them.

I hold no rights to this what-so-ever.

Please do not re-upload.

Please note: in the comments, the user name ApertureMesa is me. Lapdog was taken. D="


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