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Size: 13.98 MB | Date: 24.10.2010, 12:20 | Views: 937 | Uploaded by: AcousticMinja

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CVN 78 is pretty much a carrier themed map. The carrier has many features including an interior, aircraft elevators, bridge, working landing/take off lights, catapults, and much more. It has enough room to build aircraft and the sky box is large enough for you to fly around with your contraption and attempt to land back on it. It's pretty fun actually. You can also store aircraft inside.

Other stuff in the readme!

i did not make this map. You can't find it anywhere else on here anymore or on facepunch. Credits go to the creator.
Also, my other account was kind of deleted...therefore my files were deleted. HURRAY! Anyway, since there were literally around 20,000 downloads, I might as well upload it again. :)



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Поправил, но для этого есть форум.

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