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Size: "2.14 MB"   Uploaded by: "Damocles"


This is the first map that I have uploaded, and I hope you lot make the most of it.

Simplicity at its best. This map is a sandy desert that seems to go on over the horizon. The map is as large as the Source engine will allow and has a high skybox for you fliers out there. It includes a concrete bunker with two landing pads and a large microwave tower. There are two supplementary pads out in the desert for people who want a bit of flat land away from the central area. This map is good for wheeled vehicle suspension testing. This has been my private build/test map and I now give it to you.

Turn bloom off for building, and bloom on low for display and awesome looks.


1. Very large open desert map
2. Concrete bunker for privacy and protection
3. High 3D skybox for fliers
4. 2x Landing pads for VTOL/Heli/Planes
5. Sand dunes as far as the eye can see - suspension tests!
6. 2x Private pads away from centre area
7. Includes dust haze and desert ambient with adjusted bloom.
8. Optimised for low lag and loading
9. Small file size
10. A Genuine Damocles Designs Production (what more could you want?)

Just paste the directory into your Addons folder.

If this map becomes popular enough, I will update it with more buildings and an underground area. The more popular, the farther the underground area will go!

I hope you enjoy it!

- Damocles ("*-Rz- Damocles" in steam)

Edit- Thanks for all the downloads, guys. I am working on a new version with more buildings, underground areas and some extras that you lot said you wanted in feedback. It will be out as soon as I beta test it properly and get over my perfectionism (say about 3 months?). In the meantime, tell you friends about Dustbowl!

Edit - Over 1000 downloads! Keep up the good work."


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