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Gm_Ghosthunt 2
Size: 28.42 MB | Date: 18.06.2011, 17:41 | Views: 907 | Uploaded by: Breadman

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Gm_Ghosthunt 2.

There be strange things in them there mountains.

You're very deep underground in an abandoned mine. At least, you think its abandoned. It's up to you to discover what happened to the miners. Where did they go? Nobody knows, but one things for sure - The place isnt as dead as it seems.

This vigil is going to be far more dangerous than your last...


Half-life 2.
Episode 1
Episode 2.

Otherwise this will not work.

IMPORTANT - If the map does not load -

Load a map like flatgrass and then console load GH2. This also works for servers.

Please refer to the thread for more information-



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