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Advanced Sleep'n'Wake STool
Size: 5.36 KB | Date: 26.10.2010, 14:37 | Views: 1418 | Uploaded by: Joke...

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If you don't know, what Sleep'n'Wake does, then watch the video of the original STool first:
(NOTE: In that video, the original Sleep'n'Wake STool has been used. It only shows, what the 'Sleep' activity does. ADV Sleep'n'Wake hasn't been used in that video!)
NEW: Webbugt has made a video tutorial that includes the Advanced Sleep'n'Wake STool:

Also, the description of the original STool describes the Sleep activity as well:
| With this tool you can freeze physic objects. But it's a special kind of freeze, which is also called 'Sleep'.
| Sleeping physic objects can't move like frozen objects. But if any force (except gravity) is applied to the object, it
| moves again.
| You can use this tool for example on buildings or posed ragdolls. After that, they keep being frozen until they get hit
| by a car, a bullet, a bomb or any other forces and collapse or fall on the ground then.
| It's an useful tool when you want to film for example a person in a special pose who will get punched soon or a
| building that collapses after being hit by a missile.
| You can use it just for fun too. Spawn an army of aiming snipers holding weapons and set them asleep. Then
| use a car or any props and play bowling with them. Or watch a self-made bridge collapsing while you are standing
| on it.

Finally it's done. I've made an advanced version of the original Sleep'n'Wake STool. It has got much more features than its predecessor.

Have you ever got tired of unwelding the whole house first before sleeping it? Have you ever wanted to make any ADV Dupes completely destroyable in only few clicks? Has it ever annoyed you that you can't choose constrained objects quickly? Then this STool is for you.
It offers you a multi select feature with additional settings and more, such as automatic fire. Now you can set and enjoy big Sleep'n'Wake contraptions in only few clicks.
Alternative uses for this STool are multi freezing, multi unfreezing, multi constraint removing and applying freeze to the whole ragdoll with only one click.

Sleep STools are made for people who are bored and need some fun or want to film any destruction.

Create race tracks with destroyable signs and fences, build houses to blow them up, pose ragdolls and kill them or film disaster videos with this STool.

Thank you for all the feedback and downloads of the original Sleep'n'Wake. It motivated me to create an advanced version. Enjoy it.

You can read the detailed description in the Facepunch-thread:

<Quick description for lazy people>
Put the 'ADVSleepnWakeSTool' folder to '...\Steam\steamapps\YOURNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod\ addons'.

'Multi-select mode': Enable/Disable multi selecting
'Include constrained objects': Enable/Disable it
'Include all objects in radius': Enable/Disable it
'Radius': Radius for 'Include all objects in radius'
'Automatic fire': SMG-like setting/selecting.
'Action': Choose what you want to use.
'Allow apply-effects': As the label says.
'Dynamic information': Just have it checked.

NOTE: If you have any questions or issues, THEN READ THE DETAILED DESCRIPTION FIRST!
</Quick description for lazy people>

All credits goes to me (JokeSpeaker).


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