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Prop Resizer v2.21
Size: 6.57 KB | Date: 26.10.2010, 14:29 | Views: 2277 | Uploaded by: Admiral Doug

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Тэги: prop resize
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== To install, extract to your garrysmod folder. ==

Prop Resizer v2.21

I was looking at Elspin's Lua cube, and then I remembered DEADBEEF's Prop Resizing STOOL. Then it hit me, why not use the same method Elspin was using to resize cubes with props?
Basically, this is just a modified version of DEADBEEF's Prop Resizing STOOL to include Elspin's physics resizing, but I've also fixed a couple bugs. (For one, the angles aren't all messed up when you move around while looking at a resized prop.) It's nearly completely redone now.
Anyway, here it is! True prop resizing, even the physics box!

Of course, the physics is a bit glitchy, but I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about it. If you find any bugs, please let me know.
There's no shadows on a resized prop because I don't know how to resize a shadow, so don't go complaining too much about that. It'd look really weird if there was a massive couch with a tiny shadow, right? Well, there you go.

Anyway, have fun! Feedback is needed. Screenshot is in the download link, though I don't think it makes much difference.

Major credits go to DEADBEEF for making the thing in the first place, and Elspin for the physics resizing code. Although it's almost completely redone now, the STOOL is still DEADBEEF's, and I wouldn't have known about the two functions to make a physics box properly without Elspin.

- Collision boxes don't change angles with the actual model. As far as I know, there's no way to fix this. To get around this, make sure "Restrict Angles" is checked, and always input the desired angles.

Update v2.01:
- Fixed a cleanup/limit bug, fixed the language for when you hit the limit.
- Made it admin only, since it's so prone to crashing.

Update v2.02:
- Fixed the bug where it'd make the new collision box outside of where the model is when it's rotated.

Update v2.03:
- Fixed the entity's render bounds--It now renders even when you aren't looking directly at the origin.
- Fixed another minor language bug in the STOOL.
- Made it so if the map is blocking a resized prop, it hides it. (Temporary, until I can figure out how to fix this bug once and for all. *argh*)

Update v2.031:
- I forgot to add the map overlap blocking thing. :D

Update v2.04:
- Removes all constraints on resized props before resetting the physics box.
- Slight transparency for the resized props if another entity is blocking it in your view. (Again, temporary until I find a fix. This is so it doesn't look so weird. :V)
- Right-clicking with the STOOL toggles the resized prop's keypad functionality.

Update v2.041:
- Removed a chunk of code that I put in for use on my server. :)

Update v2.1:
- Completely redid the resized prop entity's draw function. No more bugs with it drawing on top things! Thanks Catdeamon!

Update v2.11:
- Fixed the render bounds that were screwed up by the last update.

Update v2.2:
- Almost completely redid the whole thing. Too many changes to list, I'll just list the major ones.
- Fixed the collision box offset problem!
- You can toggle the restriction of a resized prop's angles. (And you can change what angles it's restricted to.)
- You now change the scale of the prop's X, Y, and Z individually in the STOOL, insead of with the numpad.

Update v2.21:
- Fixed the collision boxes to work while rotated, however, you MUST have angle restriction turned on.
- Pressing reload while pointing at an entity copies it's angles.
- Made a hacky fix for the render bounds, since they don't rotate.



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