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drivable Realistic Jalopy Mod
Size: | Date: 16.08.2010, 12:54 | Views: 385 | Uploaded by:

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"drivable Realistic Jalopy Mod"
Size: "2.19 MB"   Uploaded by: "Mr. Bubbles is"

"Four Realistic Jalopy Vehicles!
Please thank me for my work.
This ain't reqire advanced dupelicater!
Its all scripted!

Reqirements: Half-Life 2: episode 2; because it uses the jalopy vehicle script sound and everything.

Ehh... I was getting a bit bored of making sweps and that junk, so I made a realistic Jalopy mod!
The models aren't by me. The Lua Scripting is by me!

NOTICE!!!If I ever make a fourm about this gee heck don't say it sucks, I did my best to work this thing out. so freaken shut up about its bad, just be polite if I ever make a fourm about this!!!NOTICE"


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