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EH-101 Merlin
Size: 7.07 MB | Date: 07.08.2011, 12:55 | Views: 1738 | Uploaded by: Sent<3

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Рейтинг: 3.0(3)

Скачали: 118
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Тэги: wac merlin
project reality 
EH-101 Merlin on the WAC base. (I forgot Welt doesn't want things named WAC unless its by him......)
Original author of the Merlin could not be contacted. If the original author wants me to take it down they may contact me via steam. I hacked apart the model myself.
WAC Pavelow (Rear Rotor Model)

/!\ As many players will be shocked by this, I am going to compile a sketchup chinook for source, which I will then put on the WAC base. It's ashame noone has done it yet. /!\

@Julian Smith: My friend is actually making an osprey, it might take a while but it will come out eventually.


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2 Shadow  
on mozet litet????????????

1 XSecretWorldGamerX  
It can fly ?

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