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FO3 NPC Pack
Size: 31.28 MB | Date: 25.09.2011, 14:31 | Views: 1556 | Uploaded by: Viper123_SWE

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Рейтинг: 5.0(5)

Скачали: 79
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Тэги: fallout power
armor army 
This is my FO3 NPC Pack and i'll hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do!
Also, if you can make npc icons, i would be glad if someone did!
If you do, post a comment with a link, so that i can copy it to the description.

*Hostile Npc's cant melee.
*Some npc's "sits in the air" while shooting.

If you see/find anymore bugs post it in a comment plz!

DMGaina - Models
S-low - skins
Sliferz - Additional skins
Shotgunguy49 - Adding Player/NPC animations
Viper123_SWE (me) - Making THIS NPC Pack

Additional info:
Install help INSIDE File

Thanks For DL'ing!

I've seen that people miss some npc's, well i'll make a v.2 when i get MODELS, because im no rigger, i just make npc and playermodel LUA thx for reading this! 


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