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RTB's Pokйmon Pack v.6
Size: 16.6 MB | Date: 18.06.2011, 18:00 | Views: 1419 | Uploaded by: Chack'n

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Тэги: nintendo pokemon
pokepark battle 
After nine ye-- wait, I'm not gonna make that joke. But honestly, after about half a year, the next Pokйmon pack has finally arrived! And just in time for my birthda-- crap, that was two hours ago. Well, better late than never, right?

Anyhoo, there are 25 (!) new Pokйmon for this pack (24 if you don't count the PBR Porygon-Z variant, and 21 if you don't count the "unofficial" ones) -- Arcanine, Azurill, Blaziken, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Dialga, Dusknoir, Duskull, Forretress, Luvdisc, Luxray, Mareep, Palkia, Pineco, Porygon, Porygon2, Porygon-Z (PBR version), Shellder, Slowpoke, Spheal, Squirtle and Vulpix, as well as three unofficial Pokйmon: Venustoise (anybody who's watched the first season of the animй will recognize it), ?????????? (a.k.a. Decamark, the "MissingNo." of the 3rd generation), and a rather Glitchy Charizard (a glitch Pokйmon from Pokйmon Yellow, made in the same style as MissingNo.). Don't get too excited, though, my next packs won't have nearly as much as this one did, but still around 15-20 each.

So all in all, this pack contains every single Pokйmon from my previous 5 releases as well as the new ones, so that should give you lots to work with.

Anyway, these have all been moved to "RTBPokemon", so delete the ones from your RTBModels folder (or just delete the RTBModels folder entirely if all you have are my Pokйmon models), to make installing newer packs more convenient without accidentally uninstalling anything else you may have from me (that's what I get for keeping all my models in one folder).

As usual, all of the Pokйmon which originated from PokйPark Wii were ripped using Kryal's BrawlBox v0.64 (which still hasn't left the Beta status). Anything from Battle Revolution was either ripped using 3D Ripper DX, or supplied by ImaginaryZ ( http://imaginaryz.blogspot.com ).

(The first image is from malamiteltd, my primary beta tester, the second two are from The Prawn / PrawnBoy101, and the final one's from Apoc Hedgie.)

Phew, that was a mouthful. And also, although I am not gonna reply to the comments that you guys leave me here on GarrysMod.org (I dun liek Facebook), I'll still acknowledge them -- Buizel, Cyndaquil, Ninetales and Piplup will be in the next pack, but Lickitung/Lickylicky need to be manually rigged, and therefore might not show up right away. Maybe for version 8? Either way, Mudkip, Pichu and Raichu have been ported already by Apoc Hedgie, and will be released in his next pack. Black/White Pokйmon are out of the question unless someone supplies custom models for them.)

(EDIT: To Paul Anderson, and anyone else wondering about faceposing. Although their faces will not be highlighted with the green ring like other characters do, I can guarantee that the faceposing will still work. Try holding "C" after selecting them.)


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