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WAC AH-64D and UH-1D
Size: 32.68 MB | Date: 04.08.2011, 08:55 | Views: 1122 | Uploaded by: Sent<3

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Тэги: wac apache
longbow iroquois 
2 WAC helicopters I made. Apache model is from Neuroplanes (had permission)and the Huey was ported from Flight Simulator X (From the same pack but technically not theirs). This has 2 helicopters, the AH-64D Longbow and the UH-1D Iroquois. There will be an attack version of the Iroquis soon, I'm working on fixing some bugs. One thing on the Apache I'd like to point out before people complain is that there is a small hidden gun where the turret is, that's because my friend tried hacking apart the turret and then it wouldn't compile. Happy Flying!
Almost forgot, to get in the Apache you have to either noclip into it or press E near the turret in the front. The turret on the Apache also doesn't rotate well yet but it will be fixed in the future.


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