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Nuke Pack 4 (official)
Size: | Date: 02.08.2010, 02:53 | Views: 1884 | Uploaded by:

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-We get the idea. You're 12. Wee. I was 12 when I uploaded this-

Applying this to your game may reduce your regular explosion sound effects to a debris crackle. To fix this, after installing Nuke Pack 4, apply this fix:


200,000 downloads! :P



Sorry! It is to my understanding that I accidentally have been telling people how to install it wrong I've fixed this now.

-Put the Nuke Pack 4 folder into your garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder.

-If that doesn't work, inside the Nuke Pack 4 folder there are two folders: Lua, and Materials. Place those directly into your garrysmod/garrysmod folder. It will ask you to overwrite. Click "yes". On Vista and Windows 7 also check the "do this for the next (x) results".

How to use:

For bombs...
In the spawn menu go under the "Entities" tab on the top and click on an atomic bomb under the "Explosives" category. Arm it by going up to it and pressing E. Toss it at something.

For weapons...
In the spawn menu go under the "Weapons" tab on the top and click on a weapon under the "Nuclear Warfare" category.

List of weapons:

The Redeemer...
This is an easy to use nuclear rocket-launcher. It shoots a nuclear missile which you can guide with your mouse from a nose view of the missile. Use the right mouse button to toggle guiding it. Aim away from face. This is extremely powerful and will prevent you from dying.

This is like the redeemer, but it generates nano-technological missiles from the tip of the muzzle at six per second! 12 small missiles are stored in a magnum-sized clip under the gun. It uses EMP to keep them from going off while in the clip. Just hold down the left mouse button to begin firing! But beware, you cannot guide these! Aim away from face. This is extremely powerful and will prevent you from dying.

Nuclear Airstrike...
This is a signalling device that communicates from weird green aliens in space who have nukes with them. Where ever you click is where the aliens know to throw a missile. Aim far! Oh, and before I forget. Don't right-click. This is a horrible function. Aim away from face. This is extremely powerful and will prevent you from dying.

What's New:
-Bigger more epic explosion.
-Different fire texture.
-New smoke fading effect
-New and improved blastwave that whipes out pretty much everything.
-Four new explosives models (crate, canister, fragile MK-82, and Mario
-New fire cloud embers effect.
-Three new console commands (nuke_blastwave_duration, nuke_blastwave_delta, and nuke_blastwave_speed).
-Added 3 new weapons to "Nuclier Warfare" (Machnuke, Clusternuke and Machlusternuke).
-Has all older versions of nukes kept in the "lua effects" folder.

Credits go to me, Teta_bonita Sgt. Napalm, Hamster, whosdaman, and Doomsale. If I'm forgetting someone, somehow tell me. :P


-There's only one real bug, which is, after installing this, your grenade/dynamite/rocket (or anything that makes the standard explosion sound) no longer makes an explosion sound but makes a crackling sound instead. I don't know why, but I'll try to fix it.

If you have any questions at rayfan9876@gmail.com and I WILL answer you. Also email me if you're having any problems downloading it and/or are missing files. Thread: http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?t=549950


STOP DOWNLOADING THE RE-UPLOADS OF THIS NUKE like nuke_pack_4 re-uploaded by misharo. He takes no credit for it. He just re-uploaded it and for some reason he's getting more downloads than the real version. Nuke 4 Crash Fix is fine though.

Please don't re-upload this unless you ask and have actually changed something. :) Good day.


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