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Size: 17.53 MB | Date: 10.06.2011, 13:25 | Views: 550 | Uploaded by: Pretbek

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sunvale maps 
Greeting Garry's Mod players!

Today i am releasing my new map: Rp_sunvale_v2
It's a new version of my first map Rp_sunvale

Trailer ( made by Soldierrob) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd8QzRa5rBM&feature=mh_lolz&list=LLBR9xS43pNFM

Whats new?

I have "refreshed" the whole city, improving the textures of excisting buildings and upgrading the all buildings. Buildings such as the hospital and police station has been totally changed and pret-tech is now relocated to the west

Opened up the tunnels, giving acces to 2 brand new places:

-Suburban Area: A small place with 4 american-like houses with their own garage in the forest
-Industrial Area: A large industrial area within the forests of sunvale,containing garages and factories

It might sound a bit Evocity like, but its far from evocity

To like the map go to:

>>>>>the map is now made with EPISODE 2 instead of CSS!!<<<

I hope you will all enjoy my map and play it with plesure :D


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