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Size: "8.7 MB"   Uploaded by: "Statua"

"This is a spacebuild map compatible with Spacebuild 3. Here are the planets:

Uzumaza: home planet, includes 2 large bulid platforms, a test bunker style building, a lake, and a hill

Sub-Pog III: one moon to Uzumaza, has a huge crater for crater bases (suggested by SkiZzAM)

Nurofu IX: the second moon to Uzumaza, has a launch facility, it is habitable

Ogo XII: a desert planet, very hot, has some cliffs

Irineruo: ice planet, has a very large ice block surrounded by water, it is habitable

(NOTE: I am very sorry, I forget the names of the rest of the planets but I will explain them.)

Vlocanic Planet: one volcano and one lava pit, red sky

Aopocalyptic Planet: a large destroyed building with lots of debris, some dead trees, Volcanic Planet's Moon

Ailean Planet: some towering cliffs, rocks, good place to get away from everyone

There is also an asteroid with a cave and a flat asteroid slab both inside a small asteroid stash. The sun is blue because I thought that owuld be different for a change. The skybox is at max map settings so it couldn't be any larger.

CREDITS: I would like to thank the following people (and things) who helped make this happen.
Bynari: for your planet models
Pyromaniac1444: for your assistance, the excelent screenshots, and many attempts at compiling vvis.
SkiZzAM: for your great ideas and custom textures
Liberator Fallen: for compiling the first beta version
Valve and SourceSDK: for the editor that made this all happen
Thanks to all those people (and things).

This is my first spacebuild map made on a low quality computer.

Link to facepunch thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=14274794#post14274794 "


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