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Marcus's suited citizens
Size: 7.93 MB | Date: 04.08.2011, 08:35 | Views: 491 | Uploaded by: Marcus Miller

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this is my first upload and reskin so sorry the tie isn't very good did not make it just made the tie red and buckle gold. now you can put it in addons might not work so take the file extract to steamapps username garrysmod garrysmod put it their then take it throw it addons the open the folder itself open materials then open the gmod materials then same process until their is no match then throw the file in there do that with files its a good way to make sure it works i'm sorry if it doesnt work :)
P.S. it could be good for machinimas
purpose one day i was looking for a suited citizens and thought it need something 2nd the citizens aren't in the spawnlist its in the browse section towards the bottom


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