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Mythos' Personal Skin 2011
Size: 8.08 MB | Date: 04.08.2011, 08:40 | Views: 649 | Uploaded by: Mythos

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Тэги: personal skin
mythos comics 
Howdy, folks. I doubt this will ever get very popular, seeing as it's a pretty simple personal skin of a comic maker with little to no popularity (that would be me), but, just in case, here's an explanation.

This is my new personal skin, and the first major change in skins since I started way back in September 2007. It's just a good old regular citizen model reskinned and neatly hexed by yours truly, with a custom spawnlist just for it for good measure; as such, it's still got those crappy hands and none of those fancy "enhanced" physics or skin/bodygroups. I know, that makes it instantly obsolete, but I frankly never got used to the enhanced models, so I stick with the classics. If there are enough requests - which I seriously doubt -, I'll see to it that I contact the folks responsible for those altered models and ask for permission to use them. Until then, you're stuck with this.

If you want to learn more, you can always check my tiny blog, EFM, for comics, tutorials and news: http://efmonline.wordpress.com

Have fun!


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nice biggrin

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