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Sky Invader! Vintage Plane Map
Size: 4.24 MB | Date: 13.08.2011, 22:50 | Views: 1230 | Uploaded by: Golonka

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Тэги: maps plane
sky invader 
This is a very detailed map I made with Source SDK.
It's a vintage kind of plane. Good for movies?

It features alot of buttons, doors and effects (including landing gears!) in your command.
This map requires Half Life 2 Episode 2 to get no errors or missing textures/models.

The download includes a skybox (Easy to install!) made by: (-B-) at gamebanana.com.

Open or extract the ZIP-file (May have to use Winrar) and put the "map" and "materials" folders in:

If you are going to use it in a movie or something like that, please give me credit for it!

Have fun! /Golonka


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