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Pelican Vehicle V3 SENT
Size: | Date: 17.10.2010, 19:36 | Views: 517 | Uploaded by:

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"Pelican Vehicle V3 SENT"
Size: "2.4 MB"   Uploaded by: "Spoffy (MSRP)"

"Yes, I know this has the same images as the V2, that's because it's the same SENT with different features.

Remember, this is a SENT, not a dupe.

This one has:

Rolling, use A and D to roll onto the sides.
Vertical take off and landing. This is the main added feature. (VTOL) Use W and S
No more slow speed options, these have been replaced by the VTOL.
Zoomable view.


Me for the edits + VTOL
Phpmysql for the vehicle code.
Whoever made the Pelican Model.

Yes, I am aware the documentation will say it's the V2, this is indeed the V3, I forgot to change the readme and info files before I uploaded it.

Mouse - Look
Mouse1 - Move Forward
Mouse2 - Move Backward
W - Move UP
S - Move DOWN
A - Roll Left
D - Roll Right
Shift - Hover

Hold shift when moving up and Down with W and S, it smooths out the movement and prevents any bouncing on landing, provided you keep shift held.

Contact me at if you have any question, ideas, glitches or want me to put a model over this base or the Huey base."


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