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Spacebuild Omen
Size: 60.93 MB | Date: 15.07.2011, 17:38 | Views: 1200 | Uploaded by: Someco

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planet life 
Spacebuild Omen

By Someco

Welcome to our solar system my friends!

After so many years of research, a scientist has finally found a way to explore the universe. Now it's your mission to discover the secrets of our solar system.
Build your spaceship and fly through the universe!

I hope you enjoy!


Forum :


- Tested with Spacebuild 2 / RD2
- 8 beautiful planets and asteroids
- Two habitable planets
- Life on Earth (Deletable with buttons)
- Custom attributes on each planet (Gravity, Air, Temperature)
- Day/Night system and sunsets
- Special atmospheres
- Custom models
- Optimisation system
- Secrets and more...

Extract to your addons folder.

Go ahead! And explore!

Thanks to
JTH's Planetary Pixel Emporium
PVKII for "aztec" textures

You can email me at


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