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Combine NPC pack V2
Size: | Date: 28.07.2010, 17:05 | Views: 2389 | Uploaded by:

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"Combine NPC pack V2"
Size: "653.65 KB"   Uploaded by: "moonfudgeman"

"Some update in the distant past broke this, and the npcs no longer have spawn icons (although they work in every other respect). I will fix this, along with adding some snpcs of leak monsters (if I can get the damn things working!) as soon as my internet is fixed so I can upload things bigger than 5 kb (I think)

THIS IS GMOD 10/11 ONLY! And no, i'm not going to make a gmod 9 version

I fixed the problems in V1 an added a few more npcs!

The list of NPCs is now:

Combine Gunship
Combine Dropship (just flys around aimlessly)
Leak Soldier
Leak Metrocop
Nova Prospekt Guard
Sniper (works real well, but has no anims. Great for making pigeons an endangered species)
Hopper Mine
Trenchcoat Combine
Enslaved Vort
Claw Scanner
Ceiling Turret
Combine Camera

All exept the two leaked npcs, the prison guard (i think) the slam and the vort slave have spawnicons, as far as i know. If you want to give the prison guard a spawnicon then go into the autorun/new_npcs.lua and change "npc_prisonguard" to "npc_combine_p" cos I'm not going to make an entire update just to fix such a tiny annoyance

There is no problem with the slave vorts eye textures ingame just cos on the pics it's messed up, it's just I've got a problem on my own gmod, don't know why

And by the way the stalker only fights vorts, else he plods around like an idiot. And the game crashes when you kill him unless you get the stalker phys model here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=38373. But that's the only model you need, all the others are either part of the engine or included

If someone were to make a youtube video and put the link to this in the description, I'd be much obliged (my comp doesn't support fraps)

EDIT: My computer now supports fraps, so I will make a movie which will be on youtube by the 17th of april "


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