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CoD: Black Ops L96A1 ACOG
Size: 3.05 MB | Date: 31.07.2011, 17:38 | Views: 1479 | Uploaded by: mafiamanj15

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Тэги: black ops
acog sniper 
As some of you may know this is a weapon from the Toybox, BUT, Before you go on and say I stole it, I only got the Model and the Sounds from the toybox, the original model is actually from Se7enSins and the sound file is from the game, I had to make my own shared.lua file.

This is the L96A1 Sniper rifle from black ops with an ACOG sight. It holds 5 rounds in the magazine. This is similar to the one in the Toybox, accept I made the sight zoom in farther like the one from CoD: Black ops, and I also added a little more recoil for realism AND, I also made it so the crosshairs are as close together as possible, so you can No-scope! There is only 1 Bug right now and that is that the reload sounds aren't working, I will work on a Version 1.1, but in the mean time ENJOY.

Unzip the downloaded file and extract it to your addons folder and it should work.


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Davai celij pack angry

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