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Diemaco/Colt Canada C7A1
Size: | Date: 14.09.2010, 13:19 | Views: 339 | Uploaded by:

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"Diemaco/Colt Canada C7A1"
Size: "4.49 MB"   Uploaded by: "SpetsNazVympel"

"This is the C7A1 that i made out of the tactical sweps pack and the sound from Azazelґs pack. i chaged name, sound, set the rpm to 700 and deleted everything that wasnt needed for this gun. so big thanks to SB Spy and azazel. I only made this so you guys/girls Aut there dont need to download a whole package to get this. If you are Canadian, Dutch, british(only used by SAS) or Dane (like me) this is definitely something for you. so this migth have some trases of the tactical package. the file is called: Ny WinRAR ZIP archive.zip because my FUBAR computer wont let me rename it to C7A1, because then the file will be destroyed for some reason. and of course it comes with the C79 optical sight. requires CS:Source to be able to use the sight. The Diemaco also comes in all black and full auto, like the ones used by the Dutch army, Danish army and British SAS"


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