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Mad Cows Weapons 3.0 -Fixed!
Size: | Date: 02.10.2010, 19:37 | Views: 1557 | Uploaded by:

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"Mad Cows Weapons 3.0 -Fixed!"
Size: "1.81 MB"   Uploaded by: "Axiom :D"

"Its a simple upload of the fixed mad-cows sweps. Place into your addons folder and enjoy.

Worshipper 100%

Edit: To inform you little kiddies in the comment section I made this fix when Worshipper made a lua error when setting up data tables. This fix is 100% mine, credit for the sweps goes to worshiper, furthermore this is the first fix on garrysmod.org however I re-uploaded it so it gets on the front page, so it gets to the right people when they need it.



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