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Size: "14.34 MB"   Uploaded by: "Terminator"

"*Update: In 542 days this has got over 35,000 downloads! <:-D Thanks to all who downloaded!*
You've lived here all your life, it was allways peacefull...untill tonight. A deadly nerve gas has been realeased in town, many are dead(ish). Police have failed to contain the threat but some still fight. Your wife, Alyx has thrown herself from the window(a dead headcrab fell out of your airvent). You head to the closet and grab all your weapons. You must elimenate all zombies and headcrabs. If you can get to the bunker you will have a handsom reward. Remember to turn off your home defence before going downstairs. GOOD LUCK!! P.S. This also has the map you need to play, just download and you get map and save file. "


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