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Size: 2.69 MB | Date: 26.04.2011, 20:13 | Views: 369 | Uploaded by: youmenow1

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Тэги: best maps
ttt ever 
Sorry for these fix spams, im just having allot of trouble fixing the map. But i think ive fixed it this time :).
A map set on top of buildings, destroy paths as players cross to kill them, or to stop them from getting you.
This is a fix to the other fixes.
There was a bit of lag in the other fix and it didn't work on some servers when the amount of players reached 15.
I have been researching stuff and managed to get lag fixed and removed some props... Should most likely work now :D
*constant 58-60 fps
*Snapshot error gone.... Hopefully
Special thanks to the Mind Blast community for there constant support.
(ttt server IP:
Future release plans:
*Demolish a building objective
*Crane that sweeps players of a building
*Super secret portal to secret room full of trap triggers
*Secret portal to skybox
*An arena building where you can kill others and it isn't considered rdm, its explained here:
*"Beegees - you should be dancing" radio song by the pool


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