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Combine Mech FIX
Size: | Date: 07.10.2010, 20:16 | Views: 1908 | Uploaded by:

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"Combine Mech FIX"
Size: "15.78 MB"   Uploaded by: "Sakarias88"

"An update of Gmod broke the Combine Mech addon so
here is the fix.
You DO NOT need any of the previous versions to install this.
REMEMBER to remove the old version before installing this.



Put it in the addons folder.

To spawn the mech navigate to the entities tab and press the combine mech icon.
To enter the mech press the big button in the crotch.


WASD: movement
SPRINT: Cycle through weapons.
Number keys 1-7: Select weapon.
Primary Fire: Use current weapon.
Secondary Fire: Toggle between FPS view and TPS view.
JUMP: Use jet.
F: Toggle flashlight.

Sakarias88 : Scripting
Wystan : Reskin
Lost Planet Team : Model

Q: My view doesn't work!?
A: There is a crapload of addos out there that's using different types of camera manipulation and seems like almost all of them is in conflict with the mech.
Can I solve it? No, since the problem isn't in the mech script. You can still solve the problem by yourself by removing all your SHITTY addons! "


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