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Drivable Murcielago
Size: | Date: 04.10.2010, 20:29 | Views: 470 | Uploaded by:

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"Drivable Murcielago"
Size: "28.08 MB"   Uploaded by: "яЛ�gt. яЛ�ickne"


Update 12/28/2009

I am working on a material fix for the car that makes it look just so much more badass. I will update this with a link to the materials when I am done.

Well after some tinkering I finally finished it. Not the most glamorous model in the world but it serves its purpose. It comes in 7 colors and has custom sounds and a custom horn. No headlights though sorry. This was done for a request. The model is not mine. It is from NFS:HP2. I only converted it and animated it. The sounds are from audio84�s prop based lambo. Anyway have fun with it.

Note this is NOT to be added to Gmow+- or any other massive vehicle pack. This is actually set up as the base addon folder for when RP_EvoCity2 is released. There will be more cars and lots of props. If it is added to another pack it will cause compatibility issues when EvoCity2 comes out. Do not re-upload anywhere. If the mirrors die bump the thread.

Special thanks to kuno86. You are awesome man.

Link to the thread.


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