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SCars 1.3
Size: 113.64 MB | Date: 06.09.2010, 07:20 | Views: 2789 | Uploaded by: Sakarias88

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cars vehicle 
Another major update.

DELETE the old version before you install this.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nYVgiudPqA
THREAD: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=885040

Changes since last version:
*You can now save your SCars
*No wheels go through the ground anymore
*Toggle car lights with F
*Toggle camera view with V
*The wheels actually turn now
*Fixed and re-wrote the anti slide code
*Added auto straighten
*You can see yourself in the car while using the third person view
*Changed camera calculations
*Misc Adjustments to all SCars
*You can now make your own SCar addons (addons for an addon).
*Fixed SCar behaving weird in slopes.
*Fixed a lot of other things that i don't remember.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nYVgiudPqA
THREAD: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=885040

USE: Enter or leave the SCar.
WASD: Well you know what those keys are for.
SPRINT: Turbo.
PRIMARY FIRE + A or S or D or W: Use hydraulics separately on the wheels.
SECONDARY FIRE: Toggle the hydraulics.
JUMP: Hand break.
Walk(Move slowly): Change seat.
JUMP + W: Rev engine.
W + S: Burnout.
V: Toggle camera view
F: Toggle lights

To spawn a car select the car spawner stool, pick a car and then just press primary fire to spawn it.

Tuner stool
This is the most advanced stool in this addon but don't be afraid, it's very easy to use and understand.
I will go through what each slider does separately.

Power: Determines how strong the engine is. It effects both acceleration and horsepower.

Max Speed: When the car have reached this speed the engine can't make it go any faster.

Turbo Effect: When you are using turbo this number will be multiplied with the power (Turbo Effect * Power). Let's say that Power = 1000 and Turbo Effect = 5 that means that we have 5000 in Power while using the turbo.

Turbo Duration: The amount of time in seconds the turbo will be active.

Turbo Delay: The amount of time in seconds you have to wait until you can use the turbo again.
The delay starts when the turbo have finished it's cycle.

Reverse Power: Determines how strong the engine is while going in reverse.

Reverse Max Speed: When the car have reached this speed the engine can't make it go any faster.

Break Efficiency: How effective the breaks are.

Steer force: How much force the car uses to make it rotate.

Steer Response: The steering is progressive. Basically this slider determines how fast the driver is at turning the steering wheel.

Stabilisation: Sets keep upright so the car won't flip over so easy.

Nr Of Gears: The number of gears does not effect the cars performance. it just decides how many times you have to shift before you reach max speed.

Anti slide: Determines how much you are able to slide (0 = no anti slide at all).

Auto Straighten: Makes the car automatically turn in the direction of the speed. Makes the car easier to control. Steering will be less sensitive at higher speeds.

Wheel Changer Stool
Pick a wheel in the menu and shoot a SCar with the stool.

Fuel Stool
With this stool you can change how much fuel the car uses, you can also turn of fuel consumption with the check box.

Suspension adjustment Stool
You are able to change suspension softness and suspension height.
Check the live action check box to see the changes being made while you drag the sliders.
Notice that you have to choose a car before you can use live action.

Health Stool
Set the amound of health you wish the car to have or just disable damage.
You can also disable wheel damage.

Hydraulics Stool
Turn Hydraulics on or off with the check box. Drag the slider to choose how high hydraulics you want.

Paint Job Switcher Stool
Simply shoot a car to change the skin. Press reload to randomize a skin. Press shift to cycle through the skins in the stool menu.

Admin Menu
Type scar_showmenu in the console to make the menu appear.
You have to be admin or higher or the menu won't show up.
Just drag the sliders to whatever limit you want.
The changes will be applied immediately

Overv - admin menu help
Kazzim - Ideas and beta testing
( ^_^)/ - Ideas and beta testing
Mr.Bix - Beta testing
Splayn - Car Models
Mihara - Skin switcher stool
Karmah - New/fixed car models
Griba - New/fixed car models
Thunder Skunk & Cookie - Vigilante 8 cars
Thunder Skunk - Vigilante 8 weapon models.
ApwnInTheDark - ripping & converting boarderlands bus.
Sgt.Sgt - Ported GTA Models


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