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Nazi Zombies SNPC
Size: 17.1 MB | Date: 01.04.2012, 14:46 | Views: 3229 | Uploaded by: [50] Ponzy

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Рейтинг: 2.7(3)

Скачали: 174
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Тэги: nazi zombie
snpc melombine 
Hi there people, i just made a new npc of the Running Zombie, Nazi zombie.

Nothing much to say, they do the same as the Runnning zombie npc, i changed teh sounds and made the skin for it.

-Ponzy (Me): Turning them to un-dead nazis lol
-Melombine: Original Npc.
-Whoever ported the sounds from CoD:WaW

Put in Gmod folder

Gonna make a V2 so:
-I may do textures with better quality.
-May add spawnicon.

Edit: I said im working on V2, i know it looks bad, also damn the comments i can't reply lol

Another EDIT: Wow guys, 200 downloads :DDd 


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