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TTT_LostCoastCity (v2)
Size: 5.36 MB | Date: 04.08.2011, 08:46 | Views: 949 | Uploaded by: Everybody (4)

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Рейтинг: 3.0(3)

Скачали: 34
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Тэги: ttt terrorist
maps city 
second update:
fixed lags and added optimization
fixed player spawns
fixed environment and room lighting
fixed geometry and textures
added special TTT settings, traitor's button (trap) and model
fixed skybox
added new ways and ladders
fixed weapons on the map
fixed ammo
added HDR !

My second version of map for Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode of Garry's Mod with the updates.
Many of weapons and playerspawns, traitor's trap, special TTT settings, big territory of playground, many of rooms and houses with many exits, HDR, 2 main squares, tunnels, grass and sand, breakable environment and a lot of fun :)
Put at garrysmod/maps.

Be free to add something to the map (or transit to another gamemodes) but include my name (jarro) into your readme.

By Jarro97, thanks Bad Urgrain for amazing mod :D


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