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The Callisto

The Callisto is a flying scripted entity/vehicle, with a nice arsenal of arms and physics simulation.

Reload(are) = Exit vehicle,
Move forward(W) = Move forward,
Move back(S) = Move back,
Move left(A) = Move left,
Move right(D) = Move right,
Sprint(Shift) = Boost,
Jump(Space) = Move up,
Duck(Ctrl) = Move down,
Primary attack(Mouse1) = Primary attack,
Secondary attack(Mouse2) = Secondary attack,
Use item(E) = Enter vehicle,
Flashlight(F) = Flashlight,
Last weapon used(No def) = Toggle between swap1 and swap2,
Gravity Gun(Mouse4) = Toggle between swap1 and swap2

Primary fire:
-Gun, semi automatic
-Gun, full automatic
-Shotgun, semi automatic
-Shotgun, full automatic

Secondary fire:
-Multiple explosion, semi automatic
-Multiple explosion, full automatic
-Random Explosion, semi automatic
-Random Explosion, full automatic
-Positronic reaction, semi automatic WARNING: can cause a crash if more then 1 has been shot or in a map with a lot of entities.
-Flare, semi automatic
-Rocket, semi automatic
-Rocket, full automatic
-ZPEFM. or gravity gun
-ZPEFM. Always push or gravity gun

You can find the menu here:
- Open the spawn menu(Q).
- Select the Options tab on the right.
- Select Callisto Settings from the menu.

You can add your own schemes on the whole menu and every category.
The working of every category speech for itself, except the category Secondary attack.
This category is bit dynamic; every setting depends on the active mode.

The light change only its variables when it has been turn off.

If you cannot enter the Callisto then "Enable health" and "Energy from players suit" are enabled. Then you need more then 1 armor units to enter Callisto.
You can disable health in the menu: uncheck "Enable health".
Or type this in your console: Callisto_EnableHealth 0
An existing Callisto cannot get or remove health you need to respawn one.

If you want to have the gravity gun type this in your console: Callisto_SecondaryFireMode 10
Or use your "Gravity Gun" key (Mouse4).
Or go to the Callisto menu and find the category "Secondary attack". You will see that the first combo box is empty after this combo box you will see another combo box that contains the active secondary fire mode. Change this mode for whatever you want. The combo box after this combo box contains the secondary fire swap modes which you get when you press your "Gravity Gun" key (Mouse4).

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